For the People

I believe big government too easily strays from a people driven agenda to a politically driven agenda.  Political power should never become more important than PEOPLE!


For Responsible, Common Sense Government & Focused Priorities

Government reforms I’d like to work on next term include…

★ PRIORITIZED SPENDING that adequately funds core government responsibilities (the “meat and potatoes”) such as roads and bridges, education and care for the vulnerable, and leave the “desserts” for local communities to choose.

★ EVIDENCE BASED GOVERNMENT that sets goals for the programs it funds and builds in evidenced based measurements to assess the program’s success so that we don’t continually pour money into initiatives that are not working.

★ ONE BILL – ONE VOTE to reform the way we do business in the legislature so that we can address highly controversial issues and spending items as stand-alone bills rather than stuffing them into larger bills because they can’t pass on their own merit.


For YOU!

I have very much enjoyed serving you.  I would be honored to have your vote to continue the work I have started!