Peggy Bennett and Kurt Daudt

Peggy Bennett and Rep. Kurt Daudt

I had a great day today up at the state capitol. Rep. Kurt Daudt, House Minority Leader, and his executive assistant Bobby Patrick invited me to spend the day with them. I enjoyed observing the Republican caucus meeting at 9:00 a.m. where they went over the various bills that were up for a vote today. Rep. Tony Albright was kind enough to introduce me to the caucus as the endorsed candidate for 27A. Then, at 10:00, I joined all of the representatives on the House floor to observe a session in action. There was some lively discussion on a few of the bills, which I enjoyed watching. It was a very interesting and action packed day!

Thank you to Rep. Kurt Daudt (pictured with me here), Bobby Patrick, Rep. Tony Albright, and the many kind representatives who greeted me today to voice their encouragement and support. What a super group of people up there!